Setting off on the path to visibility

Personal May 22, 2021
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

I run a one-person business. I help companies develop a growth mindset culture that empowers every employee.

A lot of people call that an Agile Coach. It is more than that but not the topic of this post.

I'm Belgian. Over here in Belgium, most people in my line of work get missions through agencies. That's an easy way to find a job.

However, it means that:

  • They make a margin on top of your daily rate;
  • The end-customer is not yours, which means that you cannot build a strong partnership with them;
  • You do not exist outside of that channel.

It is the last one that bugs me the most. In an ideal world, given my work experience and track record. I shall exist at 46, shan't I?

Customers shall know that I exist and that I can help them. Customers shall come to me and not the other way around.

The problem lies with me.

It does because, over the years, I have done close to nothing to build my brand. I spoke at three events, did not publish much, and did not share any videos or tweets.

I did not share my knowledge or voice my opinion.

I always felt that it was like bragging.

Let's be clear; it is not.

It is not about me.

That's where I had it all wrong all the time.

It is about the rest of the world. I shall not publish to demonstrate my science.

I shall do it to give and share.

If what I think or know can help someone, that's awesome.

It's all about generosity and selflessness.

I'm not known to quote the bible, but I think that Luke said:

Give, and it will be given to you.

I like that sentence because it means so much. I will give, and it may pay off.

I used may because there's no guarantee I will ever get anything in return.

As a matter of fact, does that really matter?

By giving, I will learn so much. I will break my mental barriers. I will improve my skills and get a clear understanding of what I thought I understood.

Let's think about it; it beneficial to me. If it can be helpful to at least another person, that'd be the icing on the cake.

I shall not worry about myself and how others will judge me.

I shall not seek perfection.

I shall not try to please everyone.

I shall not pretend to be someone else.

I will just be me.

It is why today is a turning point in my life. I am making a powerful statement.

I will exist!

I am starting to work on my personal brand. I will give and see whether it appeals to people.

I will apply the principles of Inbound Marketing and John Stepper's Working Out Loud.

I will apply the principles of Seth Godin. I will ship my work.